July 31, 2014

Tableau at Wynn

I know we’re in the midst of the scorching summer and Las Vegas, where the mercury escalates to mind-numbing temperatures this time of the year, is probably the last place on Earth you’d want to be.  But if you do find yourself in the baking heat of Sin City, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Tableau at Wynn Hotel and Casino for an unforgettable breakfast, lunch or weekend brunch.

I haven’t reviewed a restaurant in a very long time, and I think that Tableau is an ideal fine dining restaurant to get back in the saddle.  Tableau is a bright and charming little spot tucked away in the serene vicinity of the Wynn Tower suites.  Upon arriving, you enter a bohemian and whimsical setting with a breathtakingly stunning décor flooded with fresh flowers, natural light, cozy chairs with adorable designs on every backrest, immaculate linens, and a gorgeous single rose on each table.  

Besides the food at Tableau, I cannot rave enough about the staff: impeccably trained, attentive and eager to accommodate any extravagant requirement.  On top of it, even your purse gets a specially crafted stool to sit on!  And before I finally move on to the most important subject – the food – at Tableau you have the option of dining inside, in the romantic conservatory while enjoying a sweeping view or poolside.  Everything here is so classy yet relaxed and the perfect place to spend your day.   

Now, let’s talk about the food, which, in my humble opinion, is particularly good.  From the start, you should know that Tableau only offers breakfast and lunch from Monday through Friday, and brunch on the weekends, so plan accordingly.  Also, be advised that the regular and vegetarian / vegan menus at Tableau change throughout the year, and seasonal items are added and dropped regularly, but there is always a vast assortment of tantalizing and sophisticated items to choose from that are nothing short of stellar!  Here are our favorites:

-          Juices and smoothies
-          Roasted Clam & Corn Chowder
-          Handmade Orecchiette
-          House-made Pappardelle with Duck Confit
-          Soft Shell Crab Sandwich
-          Banana-Sour Cream Pancakes
-          Hot Beignets
-          Vanilla Latte
-          Cappuccino        

First off, I need to mention the bread basket.  On our first visit to Tableau, we were treated to a rather traditional bread basket filled with a couple of slices of sourdough bread, popovers, which I’m mildly obsessed with, and house-made crackers.  Currently, waiters meander around the dining area with a large bread basket loaded with four different types of complimentary popovers including cornbread and bacon popovers.  Needless to say, I opt for the cornbread while Adrian goes for the bacon popover. 

Tableau offers an eclectic selection of detoxifying freshly squeezed juices and smoothies plus an additional juice of the day.  Below, you have the Flight of Fresh Juices, which comes with samples of their three main juices, Orange Zest (a mixture of orange, carrot, ginger, asian pear and nectar), Red Deliciousness (a mix of fuji apple, bell pepper, pomegranate, beet and lime), and Purify (a combination of honeydew, green apple, kale, spinach, cayenne and organic honey.)   

The Roasted Clam & Corn Chowder listed on the Lunch menu is a must for a corn junkie like me.  This soup is sweet and savory, creamy yet light, with a delicate smokiness, a vibrant punch from the poblano pepper, richness from the bacon, and a cheesy crunch from the house-made crackers.  You’ll also receive a side of hot sauce to drizzle over the soup for that extra kick of spiciness and light acidity.  Personally, I skipped the hot sauce and fully enjoyed this out of this world super delicious soup unadorned.  I was very, very happy! 

As mentioned above, the restaurant provides a generous vegetarian / vegan menu.  On our last visit, we decided to try the Handmade Orecchiette with wild mushrooms, asparagus and fresh tomatoes, although we’re both die hard carnivores.  Truth be told, I didn’t think there was anything ground-breaking about this dish, but it was definitely simple, elegant, and very tasty.

To continue with the pasta theme, our most memorable pasta dish is hands down, the House-made Pappardelle with Duck Confit.  It is a rustic yet refined plate of freshly made artisanal black-pepper pappardelle pasta served with tender house-made Muscovy duck confit, sautéed organic spinach, and a poached organic egg, and finished with a few drizzles of extra-virgin olive oil, fleur de sel and a couple of shaves of Parmigiano-Reggiano.  The good thing about this luxurious delicacy is that it’s a truly glorious dish.  The bad thing about it is that it’s no longer the menu.  But I wanted to tell you about it so that you see the fine art, quality ingredients and small details that go into preparing the sophisticated dishes at Tableau.  

La pièce de résistance, however, is without a doubt the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich.  A fat, meaty soft shell crab, deep fried to a perfect crunch layered on fresh bibb lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes and fried onions, nestled in a toasty brioche roll and smeared with a lovely creole rémoulade.  The sandwich is accompanied by seasoned fries and a wonderfully sweet and tangy house-made ketchup speckled with tomato seeds that I couldn’t get enough of.  This sandwich will rock your world and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.     

The Banana-Sour Cream Pancakes are the best pancakes I’ve ever had!  They are great as your breakfast main course, sweet treat or shared dessert after a copious meal.  These sour cream and lemon pancakes are adorned with slices of banana, nutty and crusty house-made granola, dusted with powdered sugar, and smartened up with a good shower of pure Vermont maple syrup.  I should probably add that they are nothing short of spectacular; light and airy, dense and rich, not the slightest bit heavy or rubbery or bland, but packed with flavor and delicate texture, just how proper homemade pancakes should taste like.  It didn’t take us long to polish the plate until it shined.   

For a more proper dessert, try the Hot Beignets injected with boozy caramel sauce and drenched in powdered sugar.  All you have to do is dip them in the side of decadent chocolate sauce and fully enjoy these boozed-up cottony pillows.  Heaven!   

And to end an excellent meal, order a frothy cappuccino or a cup of vanilla latte.  Either one will seal the deal quite nicely.

One final word, like with many other restaurants at Wynn and Encore, it’s always a good idea to make reservations ahead of time.  If you’re celebrating anything in particular it never hurts to let them know.  And I’d encourage you to venture out to Tableau at the beginning of your Las Vegas trip because you might want to go back!

Restaurant Information:
Wynn Resort Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: (702) 770-3463
Tableau serves breakfast daily 7-11:30 am and lunch 11:30 am-2:30 pm.