June 30, 2015

Yogurt with Fresh Figs, Honey and Pistachios

Eons ago, I heard Kelly Ripa on her morning show talk about how her breakfast for the past ten years consisted of Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries and pistachios.  To say that I was curious to try it myself is a major understatement.  Even funnier was that soon after, I discovered a recipe in Bon Appétit that was similar to Kelly’s version of the perfect breakfast and casted my beloved fresh figs front and center.  And did I mention that cooking was not a prerequisite?  I mean, you cannot possibly turn down a light yet nourishing morning treat that involves no cooking, but just some plain assembly of fresh ingredients!

This is a very simple yet nutritious breakfast meal, extremely easy to throw together yet complex in flavor.  Bottom line, you need only four ingredients to start your morning the right way.  I love Greek yogurt for its tanginess and nourishment; I adore pistachios for their sharp crunch and nuttiness; I’m into blueberries just like the next person but I’d gladly swap them for fresh, plump, meaty figs especially during the summer when they elevate this pristine breakfast to a definite elegance; and I prefer a little sweetness from the honey to bind all these ingredients together.  

You can easily substitute the honey with agave nectar if that’s all you have on hand, and if you’re not a fan of pistachios, try it with pine nuts; walnuts would be beautiful too, and even slivered almonds would nicely do the trick.  Whatever you decide to use, just make sure to toast them a bit before tossing them on top; the extra nutty, toasty crunch will send your taste buds into a delicious frenzy.  The best part about this recipe is that you should definitely play around and tailor it to your own taste or the ingredients you have available.  The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!

Yogurt with Fresh Figs, Honey and Pistachios
By Simply Romanesco inspired by Bon Appétit (July 2014)

Makes: 1 serving


·         ½ cup plain Greek yogurt
·         2 fresh figs, halved or quartered (or ¼ cup blueberries or blackberries, etc.)
·         1 heaped Tablespoon pistachios (pine nuts, walnuts or slivered almonds), roasted and unsalted
·         2 teaspoons honey 


If you can’t find roasted and unsalted pistachios at the grocery store, lightly toast them in a dry small skillet over medium-low heat, tossing often, until golden brown, about 4-5 minutes.  Transfer them to a plate.  

In a small bowl, serve the Greek yogurt.  Add the figs, top with pistachios, and drizzle with honey. 

Poftă Bună! (Bon Appétit!)