March 31, 2015

One Flew South

It seems that I literally fell off the face of my blog and PG Plate alike, this past month, but I’m happy to say that I was able to squeeze in our annual visit home to Romania during this time.  More on my adventures and food explores from the land of Dracula later on.  Right now, I want to tell you about One Flew South.  As fate has it, our travels home brought us again to the familiar (to us anyway) terminal E at the Atlanta International Airport.  And we couldn’t help but revisit one of our favorite airport restaurants, One Flew South.  

It’d been a long while since my mouth was graced with the not at all predictable food bonanza that is One Flew South and my stomach was loudly begging for a Pulled Duck Sandwich by the time I was scanning the menu.  Yes – that exact sandwich I raved about three years ago. This time around, I managed to take a picture, a rushed picture.  Okay… a lousy picture that won’t do it any justice but at that point in time I was drooling like Pavlov’s dog, my brain lost any function at the enticing whiffs, and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into that fantastic sandwich.  No excuse, I know but trust me when I tell you that this sandwich is one of the best I’ve ever had!  It’s juicy, flavorful duck meat piled up high on a toasty Challah bun with a sweet and tangy fig and toasted peanut relish, fresh scallions and a side of creamy slaw.  It will rock your world!

Adrian opted for the “ofs” Dirty South, an open face meatloaf sandwich with pimento cheese, some sautéed spinach, crispy and slightly sugary bacon, sweet and tasty bbq sauce, and a perfectly fried egg stacked on top.  It’s one of the restaurant’s signature sandwiches.  He loved it!  I loved it too after one bite and made my husband trade half of it for half of my Duck Sandwich.  He reluctantly conceded and at the end of our meal we were both very happy campers, stuffed and ready for our long flight.  But we couldn’t skip dessert. 

Dessert consisted of yet another signature dish; this time, “ofs” Banana Pudding.  A smooth and velvety custard, peppered with chunks of banana and spongy cake throughout and a light whipped cream atop.  The dessert was also accompanied by homemade vanilla wafers.  A lick-your-fingers-sweet perfection! 

Before I encourage you to fly through Atlanta next time around just so you can dine at One Flew South, I have to tell you that we also ordered the Pork Belly Sliders.  They were mouthwatering, rich and impossibly tasty, enveloped in a golden raisin slaw and bathed in bbq sauce, nestled in between toasty buns and finished with buttery pickles.  But you guessed right – no picture for these ones, unfortunately… So, I owe you one.

Now, next time you travel, make sure you fly through the Atlanta International Airport and pay a visit to One Flew South.  Your layover will be wisely spent and your stomach will thank you!

Restaurant Information:
One Flew South
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Terminal E
Phone: (404) 816-3464

Poftă Bună! (Bon Appétit!)